Preparing a CV

Preparing a CV

Have you ever thought about how important your CV is? This document shows the history of your career path, from education and further training, up to your current role. CareUgo can help you in a very targeted and focused way. Candidates who send us their CVs can rely on a professional analysis in accordance with the vacancy specification.

Things you need to remember about when working on your CV:

  • The Personal Statement, usually located at the top of your CV, is where you can state your personal qualities, what makes you unique as a candidate and what you can offer in your field of healthcare / medical professional expertise.
  • Is your employment history full and updated with no gaps? Check now to see if it reads very well with a full chronological history starting at the top with your current role / most recent role and ending with the first role that you had.
  • Have you written the full company names of where you have worked? If you are used to working overseas from the UK, your CV style might be a little different to what the UK employers are used to. It is worth taking the time to go over your CV until it looks really professional.
  • Please remember to put you contact details including your mobile, email, current address – this will help us to stay in touch with you. Don’t worry, none of these details will be passed to a third party without your consent!

Your CV is ready – let us know!

Once your CV is ready, please send it over. We will analyse your CV to make sure that you have included all of the information that the clients will need to see. The details of your experience, education, further courses and additional skills are asked for at this time – our Consultants need to make sure that we have all of the information that will make your application stand out.

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