Private sector – nursing homes

Private sector - nursing homes

Care homes with nursing, previously called nursing homes, provide personal care like a care home, but also have nurses on the staff. Nurses play crucial role in these facilities as residents require frequent medical attention. This is a perfect workplace for nurses who are skilled, well-rounded, knowledgeable and effective. Care and general staff also benefits from various job opportunities to include: care assistants, support workers, domestic workers. As employers, care homes with nursing offer a number of different benefits – some of them even before you commence employment, for example support with relocation from abroad or different part of the UK. Among other benefits are:
  • Top pay rates and pay enhancements
  • Induction, trainings and career progression
  • usually 5.6 weeks annual leave (some employers offer additional time off)
  • various retain bonuses depending on length of service
  • Childcare voucher schemes
  • Car allowance (for peripatetic nurses)
  • Pension plan
  • Nurse referral scheme
And many others. Shifts are usually 12hours but in many cases short shifts are offered as well. You can also choose to work fixed days if this suits your needs and availability to work better. Both nurses and care staff are offered clear career paths and could be promoted to senior and managerial positions.

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