Recruitment process

Recruitment process

The route plan that we use for the stages of the recruitment process differs for each client, and it is based on their remits and requirements. We carefully arrange direct recruitment procedures, adding to our database of professional candidates daily, we also hold telephone and Skype interviews, as well as meeting new candidates face-to-face at national and international recruitment days.

We make use of all the areas of advertising that are available, including social media networks, targeted advertising, placing premium, priority job ads on major job boards, utilising paid text messages and engaging email and direct marketing companies – all to provide our clients and candidates with our excellent CareUgo service which is world-renowned. We DBS check our Candidates upon your request and make sure that this process in undertaken in a speedy fashion.

With CareUgo our clients have exclusive access to top candidates and the knowledge that we are always: At Your Service.
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Our Recruitment Consultants are the very best in the business and they have a thorough knowledge of the Medical and Healthcare fields. We actively encourage our candidates to research the facility where they will be working.

At CareUgo, we have a dedicated team who look after our ever-growing database of first-rate medical candidates so that you will always have your pick of the best people to fit your job requirements.

We will have pre-checked candidates references and ID paperwork, so we ensure that this part of the recruitment process is swiftly dealt with. Although based in London, we also have offices in Poland which have the resources to find qualified English-speaking Medical and Healthcare professionals looking to relocate to the United Kingdom.

CareUgo’s Search Tools

We make full use of an advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system which has been designed specifically to identify your requirements and locate swift solutions. By using such a system, all of our medical and healthcare recruitment consultants can keep up-to-date with any changes made in the marketplace. We also invest in candidate resourcing by providing a selection of job boards where new positions appear frequently and where candidates can easily make contact with us. Job boards are a reliable way of attracting all types of candidates, locally and nationally. We are also able to recruit candidates through social media campaigns directly targeted to the skills, geographical area, education and other requirements of the Employer.

The Recruitment Process: Step-by-Step

CareUgo verify your criteria against our internal database and carry out checks to locate candidates. The searches are categorized into three stages:

  • Stage 1 | Search for local candidates
    The first stage of the searching process focuses on local candidates and candidates in surrounding local areas.

  • Stage 2 | Search for UK based candidates who are willing to relocate
    If there are no suitable matches found close by, CareUgo will then search for candidates elsewhere in the UK and who are willing to relocate or commute daily.

  • Stage 3 | Search for candidates willing to relocate from abroad
    If suitable candidates are not found in the UK, CareUgo then carry out searches for candidates living further afield. Our innovative recruitment tools allow us to provide a much wider option for employers. We can also help our candidates with travel arrangements, paperwork legalities and accommodation. We can also provide references (to include the translation from Polish made by members of our Team).

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